07 January 2011

"You Can Bring Me Flowers" [any time]

The original of anything is practically always better than the redo, the re-conceptualizing, or the re-thinking of it. Ray LaMontagne originally wrote "You Can Bring Me Flowers" as it sounds in this video, but for some reason recorded it slower and stranger on Till The Sun Turns Black. I never saw the appeal of the latter version; in fact, it was a big turnoff when I listened to the album. It sounded like he was avoiding doing his usual thing for fear of sounding redundant, instead of just doing what he does best – good, solid folk music. (It never sounds redundant to me, and judging by how successful Trouble and his new LP God Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise have been, the public seems to feel similarly.) The original version of "You Can Bring Me Flowers", it turns out, sounds so much more natural. Go figure. This is the Ray whom I love. It is his original idea/ plan for the song, as it should be. The addition of the Secret Sisters is the extra (though completely necessary) whipped cream on the cake. 
On iTunes (here: Live - Fall 2010 EP) you can find a terrific version of the following...

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