29 January 2010

Tim Burton

I went to the Museum of Modern Art yesterday to see the Tim Burton show. I had heard tons of negative reviews on it and absolutely nothing positive. When I stepped in I was immediately surprised that someone could find it atrocious enough to recommend me not to see it. Honestly, the man has the most obscure imagination I’ve ever seen put on paper. He’s created worlds upon worlds of monsters, characters, gosh, everything. His simple, mostly 9x11 drawings on white paper are hung on the walls clustered into groups. He sometimes writes a caption on the drawing briefly explaining, in his oh-so-glib way, what is going on in the piece. I had a huge grin on my face the whole time, and often laughed out loud at how relatable his monsters and odd characters really are. He hones in on the “awkward” of life... the completely unbearable moments that are so necessary for growth. All in all, I left the place dazzled by my glimpse into the mind of a person who thinks so radically differently than I do. And that’s what I call a successful exhibition.

Here are some samples!

His couples are amazing.

P.S. At the exhibit, they also had the demon barber's blades/knives from Sweeney Todd. SO cool.

All images originally created by Tim Burton.

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Lauren Davis said...

Sigh . . . I wish I could see this show. Alas, NYC is so far away and I can't make it there before it closes.