15 October 2009

Blog Action Day 2009!

I just found out that today is Blog Action Day. I wish I had a little more time to prepare a post, BUT, in the spirit of spontaneity, here we are.

 The thing I know most about is organic stuff. Buying organic food, goods, and home things, is the best way you can personally help the environment on a day-to-day basis. And, fortunately, it's not always more expensive. As a student, I've become quite the organic goods bargain shopper... Here are some of my favorites.


 Stewart and Brown- Organic Pioneers! http://www.stewartbrown.com/index.php 
The Green Loop a lovely conglomerate of different organic brands. http://www.thegreenloop.com/ Loomstate a little more pricey, but lovely nonetheless http://www.loomstate.org/  
Edun fun pieces! http://www.edunonline.com
Marmot for the outdoors. check out the upcycled backpacks! http://marmot.com/
Patagonia you can recycle your Patagonia t-shirts here. http://www.patagonia.com/
The Organic Fit eco-positive t-shirts. check out the items for the little people! http://www.theorganicfit.com/index.html 

Viva Terra shop the sale and drool over everything else. http://www.vivaterra.com  
Gaiam yoga-centric / healthy lifestyle company. c'est belle! http://www.gaiam.com/
Organize.com a variety of eco items. http://www.organize.com/collection-eco-friendly-products.html 
Vitamin Shoppe - Eco Edition lots of different items for the home and yourself. http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/green-living.shtml
The Company Store these guys have an eco version of almost all their conventional products. http://www.thecompanystore.com/ 

21 Things You Didn't Know You Could Recycle http://www.greenamericatoday.org/pubs/greenamerican/articles/21Things.cfm 
 RiverWired a great go-to site for your "eco" dilemmas. http://www.riverwired.com/
Council On The Environment Of New York City this is the place to be. http://www.cenyc.org/
Lower East Side Ecology Center another fun NYC hangout http://www.lesecologycenter.org/
The National Green Pages they're not yellow anymore! http://www.greenamericatoday.org/pubs/greenpages/  
Etsy a wonderful site for everyone, all the time. http://www.etsy.com/

I hope this helps your search! There are so many sites out there now, it's hard to make a composite list (in less than an hour, anyway!) Contribute to Blog Action Day 2009.

Over and out- à très bientôt!

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